Microsoft launches Windows 10 in the summer on the market



​​Windows 10 will go in an era in Microsoft Web about to end: After 20 years, the default system web browser is expected not to say more Internet Explorer . Currently, Microsoft is developing a new browser under the name “Project Spartan”. This will have many new features and, therefore, will get a new name, Microsoft confirmed manager Oliver Gürtler. Internet Explorer (IE), but it would be still further. He will be integrated in some versions of Windows for enterprise customers.

With Internet Explorer, Microsoft had after defeating Netscape in the “browser war” once market share of far more than 80 percent, but stagnated technically especially with version 6, which had a very bad reputation among web developers. At the CeBIT 2011 Microsoft launched the action itself “IE 6 Countdown” to move the user to switch to a newer version. In recent years, the IE lost ground against Firefox and Google Chrome ground.

Lenovo plans smartphones with Microsoft Windows

Its new operating system Windows 10 will bring in the summer on the market Microsoft. The responsible manager Terry Myerson mentioned in a blog post on Tuesday (local time) but no specific date. He reiterated that the new version will provide users of Windows 7 and 8.1 offered free for a year. With Windows 10, Microsoft plans to move to a unified platform for PCs, smartphones and tablets. In the first preliminary versions of the new browser will be but probably not listed.

For the smart phone business Microsoft to the developer fair WinHEC in China Shenzen a partnership with Lenovo known. In summer, the Chinese PC maker will bring smartphones with Microsoft’s Windows on the market, Myerson wrote. It remains unclear whether this the current Windows Phone or the new system is Windows 10 are used. At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​Microsoft announced last Windows smartphones from a total of 35 manufacturers.

Improvement in the smartphone business?

In the business with smartphones with its operating systems, Microsoft had previously only moderate success. By far, Google leads with its Android system on the market, followed by Apple’s iOS. Market researchers assume, however, that Microsoft with its new platform by 2018 at least may have a market share of 5.6 percent.

Myerson announced in Shenzhen also indicates that the smartphone Movers Xiaomi will offer some of its users to test Windows 10. Xiaomi, one of the largest and fastest-growing smartphone vendor in China, is so far on Android. Since Google services like Gmail are not available in China, Xiaomi but works with a version of Android without access to Google services.

With the operating system Windows 10 Microsoft to succeed in a big leap into a new generation of devices according to their own will. The digital voice assistant Cortana will be a highlight of the system, Gürtler said. Cortana will go far beyond the capabilities of simple voice commands. As a self-learning system, the system is able to perform tasks and special assistance should also be an integral part of the new browser from Microsoft are.