The celebrated with great pomp Russia the first anniversary of the annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula to the Federation. An event that has restored dignity to the country for some, who isolated from the rest of the world to another.

There is just one year, on 18 March 2014, Vladimir Putin solemnly actait to the Federal Assembly on connecting the peninsula to the Russian Federation. “In the heart and conscience of the people, Crimea was and is a part integral of Russia ” , he said in a ceremony broadcast live on television, before stressing that the result of the referendum held on March 16 in the peninsula was unequivocal. He compared the case to that of the Crimea Kosovo, recalling that in the first case not a drop of blood had been paid. His offensive speech was greeted by a standing ovation from MPs.

New life for the Russian world

This first anniversary is celebrated with great pomp in Russia. The balance sheets of the past year reported in the Russian press converge on the breaking nature of this event both regionally, nationally and internationally, but disagree on the assessment of what some describe as illegal aggression and other rescue and restoration of justice.

“A key episode and a turning point in the post-Soviet period, for which we could not recognize us as victims of the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the twentieth century [the collapse of the USSR, according to Vladimir Putin] but as capable to give new life to the most precious treasure of our history, the Russian world “formula such Leonid Polyakov, philosopher, in a white card on the site Nezavisimaya Gazeta .

“The Crimea played as a coward who resort after the coup of 22 February [and is usually called in Russia the overthrow of President Viktor Yanukovych 22 February 2014], who signed the geopolitical rupture of Ukraine with Russia, its ‘Atlanticization’ and its transformation into anti-Russian rampart. Not back Putin crossed the Rubicon, aware of the consequences on both the externally and internally, ” analysis for its part the site near the Kremlin Vzgliad .

The isolated Russia

The site , more critically, denounced the act that “Russia isolated from the world,” and would not have received such support from the population and therefore could not be achieved “if the country was endowed with political institutions worthy of the name, against powers, an influential opposition and genuine freedom of expression for substantive discussions in the media “.

The same site, commenting on the documentary broadcast on March 16 on channel Rossiya-1 and entitled Crimea – The path to the homeland , believes that this official version of “foreign territory taken” in which Vladimir Putin outlines and justifies Russian intervention in the peninsula, is a warning to the West to address “the issue of Crimea is finally resolved,” and now it would be better “not to commit interference” because “we are ready for war. ”