Youtube Cards: Desert text overlays to be replaced by cards in the future. (Screen: Youtube) The countless text overlays that allow some channel operator “embellished” his videos, it should be done away soon. Instead, evidence episode videos, merchandise or Facebook page will henceforth be displayed on so-called card into the video.

Youtube Cards: Appealing notes instead of text-chaos

The text overlays that allow video producers currently can install instructions in their clips are not only unpleasant to look at, they also do not work on all devices. On smartphones as they will not be played. This should be with Youtube Cards differently in the future. The cards are not only visually appealing displayed at the right edge video at fixed positions, they will also be featured on phones and tablets. Currently, authors can create maps of the following six categories during the upload of the video: Merchandise, Fundraising, video, playlist, Associated Website and Fan Funding.

Annotations vs. Cards: For now, both will be possible

Although cards are to replace the traditional text-overlays, both features will be a little longer co-exist. Currently, according to Youtube all functions not yet be ready with the cards. As the cards feature, however, affects downloaded videos, remains to be seen. The previous text overlays, a software as the Video DownloadHelper leave without any problem at the time.