According to the New York Times , the social network Facebook has entered into discussions with several media groups to directly publish their articles, sharing the advertising revenue they generate.

One click, wait several seconds for the browser opens, is too much for the user experience on Facebook when you want to access a newspaper article. Especially from a smartphone. To allow users to save time, Facebook had entered into discussions with several media companies to convince them to publish their content directly on their network rather than links back to their own sites, according to the New York Times .

A new revenue sharing

Tests could begin in the coming months, the daily making himself one of the first partners, BuzzFeed and National Geographic , he added, citing sources close to the case.

For now, however, Facebook publishes links that send traffic to media sites. These and retain control potential revenues related to the consultation of their content (whether by advertising on their site or a paid subscription), and may also collect information about their readers. Directly host their content on the social network they would give up that control. A “risky leap”, recognizes the New York Times.

In making its most interesting proposal, so Facebook chats with newspaper publishers for a possible revenue sharing advertising that would be published with their contents, according to the New York Times . This would also be a change in the economic model for the social network.