A video showing the killing of at least 28 men presented as Ethiopians, was broadcast on Sunday by jihadist sites.

The victims are presented as Christians of Ethiopia. The Islamic State aired Sunday on jihadist websites via a video showing the execution of at least 28 men. The scene took place in Libya, two months after the murder of 21 Coptic Christians, who had led an armed reaction of Cairo . This new video is 29 minutes and the images show two groups of “followers of the Ethiopian Church enemy.” At least 12 men from the first group are killed on a beach while at least 16 of a second group were shot dead at close range in an unspecified desert area.

The record bears the logo of the Islamic State. The staging has similarities to the previous video of the beheading of 21 Copts. The 12 men, dressed in orange jumpsuits are led on a beach before lying on the ground and beheaded with a knife. A man dressed in black speaks English while the other executioners, one behind each prisoner, are fully dressed in military and silent mesh. All are hidden. The speaker, who brandished a gun, threatened the Christians if they do not convert to Islam. The images of executions conclude the video. Previously, men presented as Syrian Christians explain that the jihadists had given them the choice to convert to Islam and pay. They in turn chose to give money.

The Islamic State target for the first time citizens of Ethiopia. The embassy of that country in Egypt tried Sunday to obtain confirmation of the Ethiopian nationality of the victims. This country is located in south-eastern Libya and separated by Sudan. Many Ethiopians leave their country to seek work, especially in Libya, where foreign labor was numerous before the country falls into chaos following the fall of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. Ethiopians also join Libya to try to reach Europe by sea . About two-thirds of them are Christians, the majority of whom are Coptic Orthodox, a community that claims to be present in the Horn of Africa since the first century.

Addis Ababa has “strongly condemned such atrocities, they concern Ethiopians or other nationalities”, told AFP the Minister of Communication, Redwan Hussein. The White House evokes his side a “brutal massacre” and called urgently to the “political settlement” in Libya. Ultraradical the group took up last year in the country by taking advantage of the disorder in this country delivered to militias and led by two rival governments . In particular, control of areas in the Sirte region, a coastal city located 450 km east of Tripoli. Daech said a caliphate on the Syrian and Iraqi territory-framed under its control and multiplies the abuses.

The UN has been trying since March mediate between the two rival Libyan authorities. The UN mediator, Bernardino Leon, said Sunday that “a final agreement” leading to a national unity government was now “very close”.