Watch Apple will be available Friday round-up of the market for connected watches


According to estimates by the agency “Slice intelligence”, 957,000 Apple Watch were ordered on the day of the opening pre-orders on April 10 in the United State. According to this agency specializing in the study of e-commerce, 62% of consumers chose the cheapest model, the Apple Watch Sport, for which each customer spent an average of 362 euros.

The first deliveries will take place on 24 April and consumers, who spent an average of 362 euros, will know whether their choice was notified. After all, they might well have chosen another model: Watch Apple is far from being the first watch connected on the market. “Overall, we are in a game of cat and mouse between Apple and its competitors. Apple works much about the failure of its competitors, look how the market works, and sees with partners that can walk, ” told us early March Gilles Dounès editorial director of the site .

For consumers, difficult to be faced with a profusion of models often look alike. Key features to consider before cracking: the correct remaining, design and software ecosystem that exists between the smartphone and the watch.

On this last point, Apple is expected to turn. But the manufacturer, often praised for the quality of its interfaces, this time had to make concessions. The fault including the size of the screen. The first tests speak for a less intuitive than an iPad or iPhone. “The Watch The software requires a learning curve that will deter some. The watch is not for novices technology,” the New York Times .

Faced with the Apple OS Watch the Wear Google Android system is standard office. Launched in the summer of 2014, the operating system for connected objects in general and in particular for connected watches, has been adopted by several manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, LG, Asus and Motorola. Samsung continues to push its own parallel system Tizen.

Features and characteristics of the various watches under Android Wear are fairly comparable. Watch as Apple, they allow you to manage calls, SMS and emails, manage appointments and receive important notifications from social networks.
Finally, as for Android and iOS on smartphones, the user will choose according to their affinity with a particular brand. Good news: according to the website The Verge , Google is preparing to make its Android operating system Wear compatible with iOS, which would allow iPhone owners to use a multitude of other connected watches.

On autonomy, no brand does miracles for now: whatever you choose, you will charge the watch every night.