Google Glass: a new model in the testing phase?


Google Glass remains a priority for the search engine. Recall that in January, Google announced that Google Glass were put in parenthesis, only to return. In a note distributed via Google+, the US giant announced so late explorers program that allowed those interested to acquire a development version glasses connected to 1500 dollars. Sales were stopped on 19 January.
The development was removed from Google X labs to be told Tony Fadell, one of the engineers who designed the iPod and cofounded Nest, acquired by Google for $ 3.2 billion. A new model of Glass due out later in the year. “You start to see new versions of Glass when they are ready (” for now forbidden to look “),” could be read on Google+.

Eric Shmidt, Executive Chairman of giant also explained to the Wall Street Journal how this project is important for the group. “This is an important and even fundamental platform for Google. We have completed the first phase of learning but, contrary to what the press has deduced, the program remains active.”

He continued: “Our goal is that the connected glasses are ready for large-scale commercialization.” So it would provide a more qualitative model and autonomous at a lower price.

And things seem to move forward. Droid Life has got hold of registration documents with the FCC for a new model of glasses. The US Commission validated the said document. The FCC authorization is required to conduct large scale testing before being placed on the market. This validation could signal an earlier than expected launch?