A new malware was discovered on Android and it is particularly malicious. He plays with our nostalgic little clever as it is requested in an application for playing Nintendo games of 80/90 years. It’s really nasty that.

It’s cybersecurity company Palo Alto Networks who discovered the pot to the roses. Called Gunpoder, the malware in question steal users’ personal information and infects Android devices through application of Nintendo games.

If you only use the Play Store to purchase your applications you can not be reached because the application that allows the malware to infect Android devices is a Nintendo game emulator for running games of the 80s and 90, but is only available alternative stores.

The smart kids behind this malware actually have recreated the original Nintendo game emulator and have added a payment function and an advertising software. The end result is a paid application that steals personal information of users.

What is malware? Once you download the application, a message appears to alert the user that the app is funded by advertising. By touching “ok”, then allows the user unwittingly a program called Airpush harvesting device data: location, contacts, browsing history, etc. With these data, small rogue attacks will be able to program in the future or sell the information to who wants it.

After passing this first step, a new message appears and offers the user a “lifetime license” to use the emulator against the modest sum of $ 0.45! Once the user has finished paying all its payment information is retrieved by hackers.

Finally, as if all this was not enough, a final message offers users to share the application with their friends, providing access to the address book and to extend the scope of the pirates to a number ever larger users.

So whether or not Nintendo games, you can not be stressed enough: to avoid seeing his machine infected by malicious people the best is yet to get its applications only on the Play Store.