In an article published on The Optical Society, German researchers presented their brand new invention: a sensor for smartphone capable of analyzing different body fluids and detect pregnancy, diabetes and infectious diseases. The sensor is currently only a prototype, but would be as effective, according to researchers, a dedicated equipment and could be integrated eventually into a shell smartphone.

Make a pregnancy test through their smartphone will soon be possible, say German researchers whose latest invention was the subject of an article by The Optical Society. With this new device, which is currently only a prototype, the researchers intend to develop a special case for the smartphone, which can detect in real time a pregnancy, keep diabetes or perform screenings.

As effective as laboratory equipment

This is the team of the Hanover Center for Optical Technologies at the University of Hannover in Germany which is the origin of this very innovative invention. The optical plasmon resonance sensor, connected to the smartphone camera sensor would indeed be able to analyze various fluids, such as urine, blood, sweat or saliva. Through an application especially designed for this purpose, the analysis could then take place in real time and deliver its findings to users.

Allowing to detect many diseases and operate pregnancy tests or rapid diabetes and low price, this invention could provide a valuable medical tool, especially in developing countries. The device is currently only a prototype but has shown up the same sensitivity as the dedicated equipment, while being much less costly and cumbersome. So researchers are still working on this project, hoping to reach to develop a marketable version of the sensor.