Philae The robot, which was released seven months of silence in mid-June on the comet 67P, transmitted data Thursday at the operations center of the European Space Agency (ESA) in Darmstadt, Germany.

The robot landed on November 12 in a little sunny area, which prevented him to recharge his battery powered by solar panels. Running out of energy, he had entered into “hibernation” after 57 hours on the comet, more than 500 million kilometers from Earth. It was released on June 13 at the surprise of the researchers, while the comet approached the sun.

Since then, scientists sought to establish a stable bond with the Rosetta probe, necessary for proper data transmission. Thursday evening, Philae was able to communicate with Rosetta 12 minutes and transmit the data using one of its instruments called CONSERT, responsible for the analysis of the internal structure of the comet.

“It Philae sign of life proves that at least one communication means of the undercarriage remains operational and receives our orders “, welcomed the focus of Koen Geurts space operations of ESA.