Pewdiepie reflects its astronomical revenue as $7.4 Million


Pewdiepie is the highest paid videographer YouTube and its 2014 revenues were so shocked that he has cracked a casual explanation video.

His real name Felix Kjellberg,25 years, the Swedish behind the pseudo Pewdiepie is the most popular amateur videographer and highest paid YouTube in 2014. He has 38 million subscribers and his videos will soon have accumulated 10 billion page views (yes, billion), “YouTuber” has earned the sum of 7.4 million dollars in 2014 thanks to the advertising placed on his creations.

For those who do not know, Pewdiepie is called a “video game YouTuber”. Even if it does not, the majority of his videos are only playing sessions that broadcasts by filming over. He says he does, tells his life and cries a lot for nothing. Something to talk a lot of people, especially when we know what this ultimately brings him.


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 Image Credit:Socialblade

Faced with the discontent generated by the revelation of his winnings, the videographer decided to explain and defend themselves in video. He says he particularly wants above all entertaining videos and realize that although money is important, it is as happy today as it was there are 5 years old when he began to edit video for YouTube.

For him, over 9 billion page views with advertising in the mix will necessarily translate into something and it does not consider stealing his winnings.It also recalls that it has a heavy workload (two videos per day including asking a lot of editing) and has raised a million dollars for charity. Particularly comfortable, Pewdiepie affords end video call and to respond with a certain amount of distributed messages posted by the haters.