Australia: underwater volcanoes discovered off Sydney



Researchers at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) were in search of breeding lobsters, they came across the volcanoes ! A group of four submerged volcanoes was discovered in June some 250 km off the coast of Sydney ( Australia).

According to scientists, this discovery that formalized Monday, this should help to better understand the separation of New Zealand with the Australian continental shelf there are tens of millions of years.

Spread over twenty kilometers, the extinct volcanoes reconstitute a kind of “window on the basement” of the seabed, according to Richard Arculus, volcanologist of the Australian National University. He added: “They tell us some of the history of separation there are 40 million to 80 million years of the New Zealand and Australia. They will now help scientists focus their future exploration to unlock the secrets of the Earth’s crust. “He said.

These volcanoes, old 50 million years, are at 4,900 m depth, which explains that they have not previously been observed. One of them has a crater 1,500 meters in diameter and rises about 700 meters.
They were flushed by the Investigator, an Australian research vessel with sonar, which can map the seabed at that depth.

The project is led by a team of 28 scientists from several Australian universities, the Canadian University of British Columbia and the University of Auckland (New Zealand).