Hacking Team: Further vulnerabilities in Flash Player



There have appeared more serious vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player. These appear to have the Cyber ​​attack on the Italian surveillance firm Hacking Team. A corresponding patch is already in the works.

The attack at the software maker Hacking Team had become known over the last week and had to Adobe causes a corresponding emergency update to publish. But this apparently is not enough to close the existing gaps entirely.

The anti-virus company Trend Micro and FireEye have in the company documents published two previously unknown discovered serious vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player software.

So Adobe confirmed that the versions up to for Windows and OS X, up to for Google Chrome on Linux and versions to for Windows and Mac and Linux continue to be vulnerable. The publication of the new patch was placed for the coming week in view.

Disable Flash Player

More than 400 gigabytes of data captured at and have been put on the web. Since the security vulnerabilities were classified as critical and are being exploited, a temporary uninstalling or disabling the is Flash Player advisable. As the whole of the Chrome browser and Internet Explorer works, learn it in our gallery. When you surf with Firefox, you can download the Flash Player plugin on the ” FlashDisable “off temporarily.