Trek March NASA Explore Mars in Google Earth fashion

Image Credit:Nasa


NASA has just put online a brand new free website allowing anyone to discover Mars images. For those familiar with Google Earth, it’s exactly the same principle: you scroll the planet using the mouse, you zoom in and see. Obviously, not Street View available should not push the envelope.

But it does not stop there! In addition to selecting the 2D or 3D, the Trek Mars site lets you apply filters provided by NASA to improve visibility. For example, you can explore Mars in thermal or infrared view. Not bad, right? Also, if you want to become a incolable on Mars, the names of all the craters have been identified. But good luck to retain all, there are hundreds of thousands!+

Well, if you ever find a Martian, keep your cool and quietly warn NASA. Small challenge: trying to track Curiosity on Mars Trek.

You can even download STL files to 3D print models of those places. Mars Trek can be accessed via mobile devices and computers. You can access Mars Trek via its official website here.