Apple reigns supreme on the profits of the smartphone market


A study by the analyst firm Comscore, Apple, during the first quarter 2015, with its iPhone, reigns over the profits made on the smartphone market. If the US giant is “only” 18.3% of smartphone sales, he manages to focus his hands 92% of profits on the sector.

The study released by the Wall Street Journal, takes into account that the profits made ​​by the eight largest manufacturers in the industry. Behind Apple, there are of course Samsung, but then, many companies are making losses even in this very competitive market.

With the launch in September of a new version of the iPhone on the market, Apple has anticipated a production start of 90 million units to respond to a request which does not seem down. In contrast, at HTC or Microsoft, it suffers losses. Meanwhile, Apple manages to increase the selling price of its products significantly more than the gradual increase of its production costs.