Facebook's head of security wants Flash to die

In April 2010, in an open letter famously, ” thoughts on Flash “Steve Jobs explained why he refused to see Flash technology from Adobe, focused on iOS. And if Flash has for a time been an argument put forward by the zealots of A n o r i d, it has also almost disappeared from Google’s platform.

Today is the web world that asks the head of the aging technology of Adobe, which is illustrated by its gaping holes, widely used by the now famous Italian Hacking Team. The last dated also provoked cries of love on the part of hackers, who called it a “most beautiful Flash flaw in the last 4 years.” Adobe was quickly corrected , but other flaws are always open. It’s simple, we hear no more of Flash for anything other than for its flaws and security patches.

Alex Stamos, chief of security Facebook believes it is time to unplug Flash. “It’s time for Adobe to announce the end of Flash, and ask the navigation software publishers to make all the same, the same day,” he began, saying it was the only way to defeat them outbuildings and update the entire ecosystem and the thing was desirable, even in a long period of 18 months. A call that Adobe would probably be well advised to follow but which nevertheless may raise a stir in the web environment.