Google Maps supports sending a destination from the PC to the Android app



Connections are now operated between the web version of Google Maps used from a computer and its mobile application on Android. As this possibility already exists with Google Maps on iOS since June 10 last with the 4.7.6 update.

It is indeed common search for an address via Google Maps comfortably sitting at his desk in front of his computer screen before performing the search again via its Android or iOS device.

Last April, in order to solve this problem, Google introduced the ability to synchronize searches via Google Maps on the web and mobile applications (when the user was logged in with the same Google account).

Once a search was performed on Google Maps “Send to Device” appears in the upper left corner in the desired address. Simply select the desired mobile terminal among those to which you have already identified with your Google Account.

A notification then signals the desired address on your handheld. Beforehand, you must have activated this option in the settings of your device. Therefore, by typing the address, the map will load out.

On July 8, Google already was conducting an update of Google Maps on iOS this time (with the 4.8.0 release). Public transit routes were optimized. It became possible to consult several routes and arrival times in real time.

The user could also share an address with Facebook Messenger and Facebook, while an image gallery made its appearance in order to visualize a place thanks to photos uploaded by users of the service.

Allowing to automatically send a search from their PC to iPhone (and Apple Watch) or its terminal Android now, Google a little gum barriers between Web services available on PC and mobile devices. This continuity allows you to switch from one use to another without worry about it.

It also exists between Google Maps via the Web and some vehicles “which the manufacturer participates in the program” via the “Send to a vehicle” .