Scott Walker candidate for the White House


One of the best placed men’s Republican primary in 2016, Scott Walker, ended the false suspense Monday and confirmed his candidacy for the White House, with a simple argument: as governor, he knows how to govern.

The logic may sound presumptuous but among the 31 Republican governors now in power in the United States, Scott Walker, 47, is one that now the most popular.

“Without sacrificing our principles, we won three elections in a democratic state. We did it by showing leadership. Today we must do the same for America, “said chief executive of Wisconsin in his first campaign video on shortly after a message posted on Twitter.

His name meant nothing to Americans until in 2011 immense union demonstrations invade Madison, Wisconsin’s capital, to protest against his plan to reduce the collective bargaining power of public service unions.

Scott Walker defeated, but not without the support of conservatives from across the country who saw the battle of Wisconsin a vital front in the war against the left.

Better, the governor won the ballot by petition imposed by his opponents and to remove him from his term in 2012. A victory he brandished like acclaim.

“Scott Walker is a national disgrace,” said Monday Trumka, president of the largest union federation, AFL-CIO, in a terse statement.

“The Republican governors like Scott Walker made a name for themselves by trampling the rights of workers,” Hillary Clinton dropped in the middle of an economic discourse.

The notoriety of Scott Walker beyond activist circles remains behind the heavyweights like Jeb Bush. But his welcome at the annual conference of conservatives in February near Washington, has only strengthened his insurance.

“If I can defy 100,000 demonstrators, I can do the same thing everywhere,” he then launched in response to a question about the Islamic state group. The comparison between striking teachers and jihadists attracted sarcasm Democrats, but Scott Walker persists.

Today heels Jeb Bush in the voting intentions of Republicans, to 13 other candidates. The ten best position will end on August 6 for the first televised debate of the campaign on Fox News; primary will begin early 2016.

– As Governor Reagan –

The son of a Baptist minister and a secretary, Scott Walker was born November 2, 1967 and grew up in Wisconsin, politically moderate state in the north, on the Great Lakes.

From his student years he is tempted by politics. He left Milwaukee Marquette Jesuit university without completing his studies, to work, and therefore will never graduate.

A rarity in Washington where presidents are rather passed by Yale, Columbia, Harvard … If elected, he would be the first president without a university degree since Harry Truman.

Scott Walker is elected to 25 years in the local assembly, then head of Milwaukee County and finally governor in 43 years.

It applies marrying reforms the Republican orthodoxy pro-gun measures, increasing restrictions against abortion clinics, withdrawal of public funding to family planning centers, obligation to present an identity card for voting (measure intimidation against vulnerable voters, according to the Democrats), and elimination of compulsory union membership in certain companies.

But on this last topic like others, his positions have changed over the elections. Wisconsin is historically more favorable to Democrats, but Scott Walker woos conservatives today and turned right. This is immigration: he assumes have changed his mind and no longer favorable to massive regularization.

There is a constant in the life of Scott Walker he has not questioned: his admiration for Ronald Reagan. The Walker were married on June 1 February birthday of former president, a coincidence that he frequently falls. With the fact that Ronald Reagan, before being elected to the White House, was also governor in California.