Facebook is testing its own concierge service: Moneypenny


A new personal assistant could emerge alongside Siri and Cortana. It would in turn managed by humans, which would help users to make purchases.

After Siri from Apple , Microsoft and Google Now Cortana, Facebook has made ​​up his mind to offer him as a personal assistant. Except that hers is not a robot but a human being and that will help users to find and buy products and services. For now tested internally under the name of évoquateur Moneypenny (the surname of the assistant of M in the James Bond), it could still be renamed before its official release, the date of which is unknown.

“We unclear what features will be launched with the service or how Facebook will fill requests, “says The Information , which reveals the project’s social network. Moneypenny nevertheless being developed by Facebook Messenger division, he may end up more like Magic , which users control products and services via SMS by simply stating the price and time of delivery they wish to purchase. Of “customer associates service” charge then logistical details.

Facebook also intend to deploy battalions of buyers-delivery to meet the demands? If remunerate he also added by a commission in the amount of the sale? Or does he work with start-ups more specialized? The boss of Facebook Messenger, David Marcus, who previously headed Paypal , trying to imagine for several months of market utilities to instant messaging application. If there is a day officially launched Moneypenny could be one of the few services that the social network charges its members.