Smartphones: Nokia takes its brands


Nokia does not hide his intention to revive mobile phones under its brand. But only as a designer, in combination with a manufacturing partner.

The tone has changed in Nokia .

Having long denied all rumors about his possible return in the mobile phone market, the Finnish group has turncoat this week.

If it is confirmed, this comeback will not take place before the end of 2016, under the contract “non-aggression” signed by Nokia on resale of its activity Mobile computers to Microsoft (a transaction announced in September 2013 and finalized in April 2014 for $ 5.44 billion).

Once released from his obligations, Nokia would not make its phones directly: he would design them and then sell them in the form of licenses to a third party company responsible for assembly, sales, marketing and customer service.

This scheme is already in use on the tablet market with the model Nokia N1 Android. A wand, there is Foxconn. The Taiwanese, mostly known for being the main subcontractor of Apple, manages the full lifecycle of its products using the Nokia brand and part of its approximately 30,000 patents.

Analysts IHS, a partnership agreement with Nokia would make sense for players in emerging markets, where the Finnish brand “still enjoys a high profile.”

It will monitor any discussions with LG, in the tradition of an operating license agreement signed in June. In any case, Nokia would no longer have to worry about the supply chain, workforce management and inventory, and distribution.

So many assets sold last year to Microsoft, which is struggling to impose its offer on an ultra-competitive market: less than 3% of global sales for Windows Phone at last count IDC.