A drug lord arrested with 15 kg of cocaine in a Brussels hotel


Brussels (Belgium): The “head of an Albanian criminal organization” was arrested along with two accomplices in a Brussels hotel in a transaction of more than 15 kg of cocaine, said Wednesday the Federal Police.

This old Belgian sixty years, “Turkish-Albanian” and identified by the initials AB, headed for twenty years a coffee Schaerbeek, Brussels, police said in a statement.

In reality, coffee “covering illegal activities in the sale of firearms and sale of cocaine detail”, according to police, who estimated that “several kilos per month” the amount of cocaine passed.

Followed for two years by the judicial police, the man and two “henchmen”, in the words of the press release, were detained “in a hotel in the capital while a transaction was in the process of being finalized.”

“More than 15 kg of cocaine were seized,” said the police, stating “that some of the suspects was armed.” Investigators have “good information to go back and dismantle” the rest of the band, still says the federal police.

According to our colleagues from La Dernière Heure, arrests took place in the evening of July 8 in a room and the Sheraton hotel bar in the center of Brussels. The police, in addition to drugs, seized 500,000 euros, the newspaper said.