MH17, an investigation impossible



On July 17, 2014, a Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines was shot in the Ukrainian sky. On board this flight MH17 linking Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur were 298 passengers and crew members. Their bodies are found scattered over kilometers away in the bleak plains of Donbass, an area under the control of pro-Russian separatist rebels fighting against Kiev.

The world finally puts a word about the ongoing actions for several months in eastern Ukraine War. This dramatic event, which follows the already bloody fighting, pushing Western capitals to raise, ten days later, the level of their economic sanctions against Russia which actively supports the rebellion.

A survey, difficult, begins, amid tensions between Russia and Europe. But a year after the disaster, the MH17 record, which is the subject of intense media and diplomatic battle is still not completed. Moscow and Kiev, which was supported by the Western capitals accuse each other of having shot down the aircraft.

No distress call was issued
Soon, a group of countries (Australia, Malaysia, Belgium, Netherlands, Ukraine) was formed to conduct an investigation to establish the circumstances and responsibilities of this tragedy. Its direction is provided by the Netherlands, including 193 nationals were on board the MH17. In September 2014, an interim report has dismissed the possibility of a technical or human error.