Twitter suffered a stock market scam


The action of the microblogging site has soared Wednesday night in New York, after the broadcast of a false dispatch.

It is a day like NYSE knows little. Tuesday, July 14, the action of Twitter made ​​a short jump of more than 5%. The cause of this sudden success: a false dispatch from Bloomberg indicating that the microblogging site was studying a bid for $ 31 billion.

“Twitter is working closely with bankers after receiving a bid for $ 31 billion, said people familiar with the situation,” reads the text published by the “site” The info was quickly taken over by specialized sites, prompting many traders to buy Twitter shares on the shovel, as relays BFM Business . The title takes the lead of the most traded securities on the New York Stock Exchange.

But ten minutes later, Bloomberg denies the information. “This article was false and was published on a bogus site that is not affiliated to Bloomberg,” said Ty Trippet, a Bloomberg spokesman of the economic news agency.

According to a report by Agence authentic, the site was created forger there are four or five days in Panama.


An investigation

The action, which previously traded around 36.91 dollars, rose to 38.82 dollars around 11:44. But less than five minutes later, after Bloomberg published the denial, she regained a more normal evolution. She then experienced a sharp dive to 13 fortunes, to 35.78 dollars, before returning up 2.66% to 36.78 dollars.

This double episode cringe on Wall Street where during handling suspicions are rife. According to a (real) dispatch Bloomberg , the SEC, the authority in charge of the security of exchanges in New York, opened an investigation.

For Twitter, this episode market falls ill while the company is looking for a new CEO after the departure in early June, Dick Costolo, orders for five years. Site trouble recruiting new users and to generate net profits.