Egypt: IE attack a military ship



The Egyptian branch of Daech claimed Thursday an attack “missile” against a “frigate” Navy off the Sinai Peninsula.

Another stunt jihadists in Egypt. The Egyptian branch of the organization Islamic state (EI) announced having conducted this Thursday an attack “missile” against a navy ship off the peninsula of Sinai .

In a statement posted on Twitter, the group “Province of Sinai,” the Egyptian branch of the IU, said its fighters had carried out an attack at the “guided missile” against “a frigate” the navy in the Mediterranean, north Rafah, on the border with the Palestinian Gaza Strip. The text is accompanied by three photos showing what appears to be an anti-tank missile hitting the ship, causing a large explosion.

The military said earlier that a navy ship had caught fire during clashes between jihadists and the military, claiming that no soldier had died in the violence. The ship was at more than 3 km from the coast when an explosion occurred, according to witnesses.

In November, a star of the navy had already been attacked in the Mediterranean off the coastal province of Damietta. The army called the attack a “terrorist,” saying that eight soldiers were missing. Observers were asked about the possibility that the attack may have been the fact of illegal traffickers.

In recent days, the jihadists have increased their spectacular operations in Egypt , despite large-scale operations launched by the army, who says he killed more than 1,100 “terrorists” in Sinai for two years.

On 1 July, in northern Sinai, jihadists of EI launched a series of coordinated attacks against the positions of the army , before engaging in unprecedented clashes with the military. The army had reported 21 soldiers killed in the violence.

In late June, the Attorney General Hisham Barakat was assassinated in a spectacular car bomb attack in Cairo that was not claimed. It is the highest representative of the state to have been killed in the wave of attacks that have shaken Egypt since 2013.

And Saturday, IE has claimed a suicide car bomb against the Italian consulate in the center of Cairo, an attack that killed an Egyptian civilian and destroyed part of the building facade.