Marshall launches smartphone rock'n'roll audiophile


Marshall, leader of guitar amplification, unveiled on Thursday in London, its first smartphone. It is mainly aimed at audiophiles.

It’s a brand that has built its reputation on the back of the biggest rock stars Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Pete Townshend. Marshall guitar amplifiers, born in London in the 60s, are the background of all good rock photo. But today, what is rock, are smartphones.

In the heart of London on Thursday, Marshall presented with a crash the “London”, the first British brand of smartphone. It will be available at the end of the festival season, on 26 August. At the halfway presentation conference between an Apple keynote and a London pub together, appeared musicians Sex Pistols, Motorhead, and Mick Jones of the Clash.

This is not the first time Marshall ventured outside his chosen field, amps that make lots of noise. In recent years, the firm affix its logo on headphones and metal whose square design evokes that produced by Marshall amps. Such as helmets, Marshall’s smartphone is designed by Swedish Zound Industries.

With London, the speaker manufacturer uses the black color and materials of its speakers. It works with Android Lollipop and has a 4.7-inch 720p screen, 2 GB of RAM and a removable battery with 2500 mAh, printed on it, “Long live rock’n’roll”. The features of the phone are not to die for, especially given its introductory price to 550 euros. But it has many quality features for music lovers.

London has two jack inputs that allow to listen to and record music for two. Each input has its own volume control. Soon, a DJ application will take advantage of this double take. It also has two speakers and two microphones which, according to its rock’n’roll zealots are a professional level. “We did not want to take a phone shelves of a Chinese factory and put our logo on it,” defended Bergstorm Konrad, CEO of Zound Industries, without specifying the country of manufacture of the phone.

The software part of the phone is also very oriented towards music. An “M” button at the top of the phone used to trigger an application that manages all other music services like Spotify phone, Soundcloud or Mixcloud. It also has a sound equalizer applicable to all applications, a very rare feature on other phones.