Microsoft has again confirmed that the terminals with Windows RT will be well updated after the wave of launch of Windows 10.

While Microsoft is preparing to open the floodgates deploy Windows 10 to Windows 7 etv8.1 of users, the future Windows RT is still uncertain. In the month of January, at a press conference, Microsoft confirmed that these terminals – mainly Surface RT – not migrate to Windows 10 but would have however an update. The Redmond company is fairly evasive about subject and a spokesman had simply explained that this update embark ” some features of Windows 10 “. In a FAQ official recently put online by Microsoft, the publisher says: ” If you use Windows RT, your device will not proceed with the upgrade to Windows 10, but a specific update will be available at the time of release of Windows 10 . ” On his Twitter feed Gabe Aul, one of the leaders of the group OS at Microsoft now says,

For the record, with the first update, Windows 8 RT RT became Windows 8.1 while the second was dubbed Windows RT 8.1 Update .

Recall that Asus, Dell, Lenovo and Samsung have abandoned the marketing of their tablets equipped with ARM edition of Windows 8.1. Microsoft has also stopped production of the Nokia 2520 and its surface 2. As for the area 3, it is based on an x86 architecture. Windows RT is a system with no future. The Microsoft strategy looks more and more to that previously applied when migrating from Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8. Some non-compatible terminals have received Windows Phone 7.8 before we see the end of their official support.