Burkina mixed reactions to the proposals of President Kafando



In Burkina Faso, the aftermath of the crisis exit proposals of President Michel Kafando, reactions were mixed. Meanwhile the redevelopment of government announced by President of the transition, voices already raised against certain decisions, even though overall, we salute these positions.

According to Jonas Hien, Chairman of the National Council of Civil Society Organizations, the key has been saved. ” The key for us is that the Prime Minister should be maintained for that organizes elections on October 11 , “he said. For the rest, according to him, that is those who demanded the departure of the military government to assess the proposals of President Kafando .

The coalition for monitoring the transition and elections believes that the transitional president does not solve the problems. Siaka Coulibaly regret that no evidence enabling whether the military agree with his proposals Michel Kafando. ” If the soldiers are not engaged by the decisions of President Kafando, we will not have a smooth transition to the end, “he feared.

By cons, in some policies is optimism. Ablassé Ouedraogo, President of Burkina Faso Otherwise, claims that refer back to back the various camps is the best proposal that President Michel Kafando could do. ” By keeping the Prime Minister and the stripping of several powers, Michel Kafando weakens Yacouba Isaac Zida. Thus it satisfies everyone , “the president of Burkina Faso other.

Finally, the movement “citizen broom”, the decisions of President Michel Kafando are full of ” wisdom . ” The movement, however, questions the charter of the transition. ” The creation of a new ministry was not discussed with all signatories of the transitional charter , “said Guy Herve Kam, one of the spokesman of the” citizen broom. ”