Facebook Messenger is now available without a Facebook account worldwide



In June, Facebook had allowed the use of its Messenger instant messaging service without Facebook account a few test markets, only four countries in the world. Today, this possibility is offered to all without geographical restriction.

We mentioned last month, Facebook had decided to test a new method of registration for its Messenger service . It was possible for people residing in the United States, Peru, Canada and Venezuela enjoy the instant messaging service without linked Facebook account. David Marcus, head of Messenger, announced on its Facebook page that it was now possible to use the messaging service with a single phone number worldwide. A decision expressing once again the will of Facebook to separate its instant messaging service of his social network.

To register without Facebook account is rather simple. When you start the Messenger application for the first time, you have two options available to you: classical connection (with a Facebook account, so) without registration or Facebook account. With the connection without Facebook account, the application will scan the user’s contact phone numbers to add those who have a friend Facebook Messenger account.

However, it may be difficult to find a lot of contacts to talk to, since it is necessary that the latter have bound their phone number to their Messenger account, optional procedure to registered Facebook. One way to save the messaging independence but also of closer and more specifically its main competitor, WhatsApp, yet it also property of Facebook.