Google Car: Wounded passengers during a test in California


It’s been 6 years since Google is testing its autonomous car project called Google Car and it is an opportunity for urban test a prototype of Google Car was hit by another vehicle and slightly injured three employees Google who were on board. Curious about the irony of this story? This is the Google Car is again not at issue in this accident but another driver!

Indeed, while the Google Car slowed to approach a stop sign, a car located in 3rd place in the queue “forgot” to brake and hit the front and cars whose Google Car at a speed about 30 km / h. This minor accident allows Google to remember that of the 14 accidents involving Google Car, which are not serious, autonomous Google car was involved in three of them. The rest of the time they are distracted motorists who caused these accidents.

Finally, this accident is once again proof of the progress that Google could realize on its autonomous car project and perhaps the solution to reduce the number of injuries and deaths on the roads go through this kind innovation.