Reddit is considering banning deemed illegal or harmful



The last few weeks have been quite eventful for Reddit, following the “blackout” organized by a part of its community. Ellen Pao resigned as CEO and the new management of the site has decided to tighten some screws respect of the permissible content.

Reddit has not stopped shaking. After the first earthquake caused by the ” blackout “organized by some moderators of the social network in protest against the lack of communication of the company to them, aftershocks follow one another, and a priori, things should not calm down right after.

Ellen Pao against trolls

On July 10, Ellen Pao resigned as CEO she was acting in order to make his place to Steve Huffman, one of the founders of the company who held the seat before her. The ruling remains on the board of the company until 2015.

Officially, a disagreement between the manager and the board was behind the decision: ” The board asked me to show them a more rapid growth in the number of users in the next six months than I thought to be able to provide maintaining the fundamental principles of Reddit , “she explains.

These fundamental principles include freedom of expression. On Reddit you can then find all sorts of content, from pictures of cute animals, other than the most sensitive souls would do well not to consult. This apparent freedom was also a breeding ground for certain undesirable behaviors such as harassment. The service had already tried in the past to ban certain attitudes, and the new management seems to want to put an extra turn of the screw. Ellen Pao, she only hopes that the “human” win the battle against the trolls.

New rules are being considered

After attacking the ” Revenge porn “and have stiffened his posture on the subreddits inciting harassment , Reddit may prohibit new types of content . Spam, illegal content, the publication of personal or confidential information about a person, appeals to violence, all forms of harassment, sexually suggestive content and depict minors and are in the spotlight.

In addition, the team would set up a new classification for content which, without being pornographic, ” are indecent for the common man . ” This may for example concern the particularly violent or disturbing content. They will be accessible to registered users who will choose to display ” and not generate any income for Reddit . ”

Implicitly, we guess that the company needs to sort out pornographic content or unsavory, and the other in order to attract advertisers and easily monetize their pages. He will be remembered for example that in the past Vine has resorted to this type of operation clean hands .