Smartphones could be used to reveal depression



Researchers at a University of Chicago say that by studying the uses of a smartphone by its user, can determine whether it is possible in a state of depression. These are the results of a study that covered only 40 people.

The smartphone, which does all capabilities or so, would it also reveals the torment of our souls? In any case think that a team of researchers from Northwestern University in Chicago.

According to them, the analysis of the time spent on our mobile phones and the use that is made, could demonstrate a depression , known or being installed.

The framework of the study

It is in the Journal of Medical Internet Reserach that the study was relayed Wednesday. The researchers subjected 40 people, all volunteers and a mean age of 29, a commonly used questionnaire to detect symptoms of depression (sleep, appetite, sadness as many are then analyzed criteria). The responses were subsequently put under algorithms working on the data, especially the GPS data, collected on smartphones via an application. The volunteers were followed for 2 weeks.

The conclusion is clear for David Mohr, one of the main authors of the study: “We found that people spend more time on their phones, they are more likely to be depressed” .

The time spent on a smartphone, revealing a depression?

Scientists have found that depressed people had used their phones on average for 68 minutes per day. volunteers who showed no signs of depression only came for their 17 minutes online. David Mohr points out that “people who tend to stay longer in only one or two places, for example at home and at work to come home, unlike those whose movements are much more important, are more likely to have high depression scores ” .

However, researchers remain cautious about the results of their research. For one, they confess that the number of people monitored was too small to draw general conclusions. On the other hand, the symptoms that the volunteers described have been exaggerated or otherwise, minimized.