Mick Fanning was Attacked by a shark



It is a scenario worthy of Teeth of the sea. The Australian surfer Mick Fanning managed to emerge unscathed from a shark attack, during a competition broadcast live on television Sunday in South Africa.

The triple world champion waited patiently wave during the first minutes of the final, when the fish came up behind him. “He came and got stuck in the” leash “[cordon] of my board, he explained after the attack. I taught kicking and screaming. I just saw a fin. I did not see his teeth. I expected him to come bite me when I was swimming. I put him a shot in the back. ”


Mick Fanning’s mother, who was watching the competition live at home in Australia, believed lost his second son after the death of his elder brother, Sean, in a car accident 17 years ago. “When Sean was killed in the car accident, I have not seen. There I saw everything that happened before my eyes, it was terrible” Elizabeth Osborne testified in tears on ABC. His son was shot in his hero on Twitter.

Mick Fanning has been rescued by the organizers of the race, stepped in on scooters. Faced with such an attack, the round of world surfing championship was canceled. And the Australian should probably wait a while before flowing back to the water.