18 countries, including Canada, launched extensive military exercises in Ukraine



Ukraine and the United States launched this Monday, July 20th extensive maneuvers in the western Ukraine supposed to show international support for the military operation in the eastern separatist Kiev. Sixteen other countries, including Canada, are involved in this operation.

The participating countries are Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Canada, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Great Britain, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Turkey and the United States.

For their part, Canadian soldiers of the 4th Regiment, engineering, from Gagetown, New Brunswick, are currently Yavoriv, ​​Ukraine, to convey their knowledge acquired during Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan, which has lasted more than ten years.

In total, 15 Canadian soldiers and participate in military training involving 18 countries named “Saber Guardian / Rapid Trident 15”. This training is separate from the training mission in combat, already announced in April that it will be launched soon.

As part of the exercise SABER GUARDIAN / RAPID TRIDENT 15, the staff of the Canadian Army so will leverage its expertise in operations against improvised explosive devices (C-IED) gained in Afghanistan says the Canadian Department of Defence.

Nine instructors C-IED Canadian Army, from the 4th Regiment, engineering and a medical technician at the Canadian Forces Health Services Group will provide skills development and knowledge of participants in soldiers With respect to methods and techniques of C-IED in support of stability operations, says the Canadian Defence.


In addition, in partnership with several other nations, four officers and non-commissioned members of the Headquarters and the Canadian Army Headquarters 5th Canadian Division will occupy staff positions in the Headquarters Multinational Brigade exercise and the exercise control group, added the Canadian National Defence They will provide mentoring and support for Ukrainian officers assigned to command functions.

“The multinational exercises as SABER GUARDIAN / RAPID TRIDENT 15 provide members of the Canadian Army an important training platform for a broad range of operations with our NATO partners, in addition to increasing their experience and effectiveness in response to international threats. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate the professionalism, expertise and recognized leadership in the Canadian Army. “Said Lieutenant General Marquis Hainse, Commander of the Canadian Army.