NASA published the first picture of the Earth after 43 years



NASA revealed a portrait of the blue planet taken by the satellite DSCVR. A cliché that turns out to be the first in the Earth fully lit by the sun since 1972.

This is the first photograph of the Earth entirely lit by the sun from that taken by Apollo 17 astronauts in 1972. Directed July 6 by the US satellite “Deep space climate observatory” with his camera 4 megapixel baptized Epic (Earth polychromatic imaging camera), the cliché clearly reveals the Americas and the turquoise waters of the Caribbean.

“Deep space climate observatory” or DSCVR was sent into space in February to be positioned 1.6 million kilometers, where the gravity of the Earth and the Sun cancel out and offer great stability and beautiful view of the blue planet. Hence the sharpness of this beautiful series of photographs published on Wednesday by NASA.

For if it is indeed the recomposition of an image of the Earth, from multiple photos and using different color filters, the result is no less spectacular.

Other photos will soon be published as NASA has created a website dedicated to the work of DSCVR and Epic .