Twitter removes customized wallpapers and introduces several novelties



If you are connected to Twitter this Tuesday, July 21, you may have noticed something new. The image that you downloaded to customize your page and you stand out from other users has been stored in the closet. It is not a bug or a connection problem. The social network of microblogging simply displays more customized wallpapers on the home page and on the timelines of its users . The tweets are now linked together on a white background lightly tinted blue.

All pages are not affected

Twitter says, “We have removed the background images of the sections “home” and “Notifications” on the web, for all users. Now, the background images are only visible to users logged on Tweet Pages , the listing pages , and tweets Collections of pages ). You will find more information on the possibilities design customization of Twitter here. ” To put the hand on the image that you used to wallpaper, you only have to go to the tab “Design” in your settings.

A new safety center

This change to the margin is part of a wider action plan of the social network. Twitter has just put online a new security center , accessible only in English for now, to more accurately inform users on how to set their profile and use the tools at their disposal. The social network also densified its homepage to destinations of users who do not have a Twitter account by offering more tweets mixing different formats, as shown in this overview.