Google Maps Now Shows Your Location History


The handy Google Maps is it is also known as very indiscreet offers long to view the history of his journeys, including its web version. But this time, the engine goes much further with the Timeline feature to Android that will delight paranoid spouses. This function makes it possible to simply display and with much more precision, absolutely all of its routes and trips made over a period.

The engine can also view places crossed to the nearest meter, on such date, such a time, by what means of locomotion (car, on foot, metro), brief Google knows everything about you (we already knew) and you demonstrates once again. And that’s not all: the pictures that you have taken during these trips can even be displayed.

Practical and especially frightening at once. But to avoid further accusations of widespread surveillance, Google lets you still hand over your privacy. It is also necessary to consider and avoid default settings. Timeline will only work if tracing is enabled. History is erasable at any time. The photos are those that have been uploaded to Google Photos.

So those who do not want to be tracked will be interested in carefully configure their application for the collateral effects of such a service could be devastating.