The President of the United States Barack Obama, who flew on Thursday for Africa, pleaded Wednesday for that relations between the United States and the continent reach “a new dimension”.

“Africa is a place of incredible dynamism, which are some of the fastest growing markets in the world, extraordinary people, extraordinary resilience,” said Mr. Obama in the White House receiving diplomats, officials political and economic, and African NGOs.

“That’s why, as President, I work so hard for our relations with Africa reached a new dimension” , he added, citing the increase in US exports to the mainland, the launch of including initiatives to develop trade, health, or food security.

He stressed that “the links with Africa are obviously deep in the United States, elders, and complicated”. He added, “There has sometimes been misunderstandings, and sometimes mistrust. But when you look at all the studies the African people love the United States and what they represent. Maybe so unparalleled in other continents, what is amazing when you look how people are the happiest and most optimistic, Africans are always well placed despite poverty, despite conflicts ” .

Kenya, the homeland of his father

Obama flew Thursday to Nairobi, Kenya, his father’s homeland, where he will make his first visit as president, before traveling to Ethiopia, where he will be the first US president in history to it move. The spokesman of the White House said Wednesday that the US president would not need to change the program of his visit despite the publication of details of his visit to Kenya.

Asked about the Kenyan civil aviation authority which released details on the trip, as the arrival of Barack Obama in Kenya, Josh Earnest said that it did not warrant a change of program. “The details of the program of the President that are critical to safety are details that have not been made ​​public at the moment” , he has said during his daily press briefing. “We do not believe for moment a program change or a change of route is necessary ” , he added. Mr. Earnest noted that travel to Kenya was not to go to war zones like Iraq or Afghanistan, where the details of the trip are kept secret.