YouTube on Android with vertical video



With the latest update to its app on Android, YouTube takes into account those who film taking their smartphone vertically.

The latest update for Android YouTube (10/28/59) deals now properly display videos captured in portrait (that is to say with the smartphone held vertically).

We all crossed these terrible black bars that appear when viewing videos on YouTube or Dailymotion other. Blame the vertical videos made smartphone held as an “i”. Purists have even found an acronym and a noun to describe the problem: “VVS” for “Vertical Video Syndrome”.

At the time of 16: 9, everything seemed to indicate however that this use would disappear. So far, Google also tried to discourage uptake in its application vertical photos on Android with an icon invitation to rotate the mobile terminal to film.


But it was not counting on the advent of live streaming applications such as Periscope and Merkaat offering vertical videos. You shot vertically or horizontally, they show the video vertically. Snapchat also helped promote this change.

YouTube is therefore bends to consumer uses. But the platform video sharing also going to new products in the era of time. In early July, the YouTube mobile apps on iOS and Android enabled to play content at 60 fps (frames per second).

Before that, in March 2014, she opened the door to the encoded videos in 4K / Ultra HD (3840 by 2160 pixels) through the use of open source video codec VP9.