A shooting in a Louisiana cinema is 3 dead and 7 injured


This tragedy comes just three years after the deadly shootings at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.

A man opened fire Thursday evening in full projection in a cinema Louisiana (South), killing two people and injuring seven others, before ending his days. “It would appear that the gunman died after shooting himself and after firing several shots,” said the head of the local police Jim Craft at a press conference. The shooting took place in the Grand 16 Cinema in the city of Lafayette during the showing of the comedy Crazy Amy, almost three years to the day after the massacre of twelve people perpetrated in a Colorado cinema.

The shooter, whose identity was not disclosed, was described by police as a white man aged 58 who died from a wound he had inflicted. Police gave no indication on the possible motives of the shooter. TV footage showed dozens of police cars and ambulances outside the theater. The injured were taken to hospital, said Henry Clay, Acadian Ambulance Service, the television channel CNN . Three of the victims were in critical condition, it said.
Witnesses said panic scenes in the movie theater where the shooting started about thirty minutes into the film. A hundred people attended the meeting, according to witnesses.

“Prayers for Lafayette at the Grand Theater,” tweeted the Republican governor of Louisiana and candidate for the White House Bobby Jindal , quickly arrived on the scene.
Speaking to the press shortly after it gave its support to victims and first aid. “Lafayette is a strong community,” he said. “It’s a dreadful night for the United States . “He said that a teacher had thrown herself to her friend to protect her. Wounded in the leg, she had “presence of mind” to sound the alarm bell, has he said. “Even in the worst moments, it brings out the best of ourselves,” added Bobby Jindal.

The head of the local police said four officers had been able to enter the cinema shortly after 19 h 30 local and they heard gunshots and discovered the body of the deceased gunman on site. The actress Amy Schumer, headliner of sophomoric comedy Judd Apatow projected at the time of the shooting, said he had “broken heart” on Twitter.

The shooting came as a jury deliberates Colorado or not to condemn to death James Holmes, convicted of the murder of twelve people in a shooting at a movie theater in Aurora in July 2012 during the screening of the Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises .

The new killing also comes after a long series of shootings in the United States, the latest of which date from the last week in army facilities in Chattanooga, Tennessee (south), killing five people.

Almost concurrently, BBC television broadcast on the night of Thursday to Friday an interview with US President Barack Obama in which he says that his biggest frustration in the White House is not being able to regulate firearms in the USA. “When you look at the number of Americans killed since September 11 terrorism, it’s less than a hundred. If you look at the number of people killed by violence caused by firearms, it will search through the tens of thousands, “he has said. “And not being able to solve this problem is for us something challenging. ”