At least Migrants10 dead in shipwreck off Libya


At least a dozen of migrants have died in the sinking of an inflatable boat off the Libyan coast Wednesday morning, will on Thursday evening with the public prosecutor of Siracusa (Sicily, South). By early evening, the UNHCR had suggested that the toll could reach forty missing. But the prosecutor of Siracusa, Francesco Paolo Giordino, reported “a dozen dead.” “From what I managed to learn, the victims were on an inflatable boat in which there were a hundred migrants,” said Mr. Giordino.

Spotted by the aid, migrants were now leaving the wreck to be collected by a German warship, the Hosltein when an incident occurred. “Eighty-eight people were saved but the others died at sea,” said the prosecutor, who added that the “accidental theory had yet to be verified.”

Earlier in the evening, a UNHCR spokesman in Italy, Federico Fossi, claimed that his “colleagues (were) going to interview survivors of the shipwreck, arrived in the afternoon in Augusta (Sicily) “. ¬†According to UNHCR, these migrants, mostly sub-Saharan nationality men ( Somalia , Eritrea, Mali and Benin) were then estimated the number of missing persons stood at “35 to 40”. ¬†The Italian daily La Repubblica had mentioned earlier a convoy of three inflatable boats left Tripoli.

The Holstein was brought ashore Thursday afternoon a total of 283 refugees. According to one of them, a Ghanaian, 22, quoted by the Italian daily, at least thirty of his companions would have perished. To members of the humanitarian organization Save the Children, the men told that there were women and children among the missing. “We talked with several of them and the versions match. I have before me a young boy in tears who said he lost his brother. The victims are all from sub-Saharan Africa,” said Giovanna di Benedetto, spokesman for Save the Children, quoted by La Repubblica.


Present in Catania (Sicily) with a delegation of European parliamentarians to account for the use of European funds to aid refugees, French MEP Jean Arthuis said the “migration problems were a huge challenge for Europe” , adding to the press that we do not only expect “a minute of silence or European Parliament emotional moments.” We wait “rather solutions in respect for institutions, respect for human rights, humanity, and the reception of asylum seekers, without getting caught by racist phenomena that could put us collectively in trouble, “he said.

According to estimates by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) dated July 10, more than 150 000 migrants arrived in Europe by sea since the beginning of the year, half in Italy, where arrivals are still higher than the records set in 2014 and half in Greece, where they are growing exponentially. Off Libya, crossing claimed the lives of more than 1,900 people this year.