Cataract: simple drops to replace the surgery?


A simple liquid may soon replace eye surgery for cataract patients.

The cataracts , symptoms of which result in a clouding of the lens (lens which transmits light in our eye) causing a loss of vision see blindness, one in five from 65, one in three among more 75 years and nearly two out of three after 85 years, affecting tens of millions of people worldwide.

Until now, the only treatment consisted of surgery to replace the lens with an implant, but researchers at the University of San Diego in California may have found a much lighter alternative.

Simple drops against cataracts

A team of experts led by Professor Kang Zhang has developed an eye drop treatment based lanosterol, a substance naturally produced by the eye. Substance, used in gout, allows to regress lens opacity originally cataract. The cells forming the crystalline multiply during embryonic life for its transparency but practically stop develop after 20 years.

The developed liquid dissolves the proteins responsible for the clouding of the lens in order to restore its transparency and limit the effects of cataracts.

Tests on humans soon

Published in the journal Nature, the study shows the dramatic results achieved by the crystalline substance of rabbits with cataracts. Then, tests on live adult dogs showed a significant decrease cataract and clarity of the recovered crystalline. Treatment should soon be tested on humans to validate its effectiveness.

Ultimately, the use of this preventive treatment could halve surgical procedures related to cataract and offer a much better alternative to surgery.