Google will map the pollution of cities in real time


Google could soon offer a map of the real-time pollution. After a month of tests in Denver Arizona, the company announced the successful first phase of tests Tuesday. By fall, the two companies will therefore launch a new phase of the project in the center of San Francisco.

In partnership with Aclima, a California start-up, the web giant is working on a geolocation kinds of pollution. The goal: to equip its “streetview” cars that crisscross our armed cities of their cameras, fine particle detectors to track carbon monoxide, methane and other pollutant very harmful to our body.

This data will then be transposed into Google Maps to allow users to identify whether our streets are victims or not pollution, and what time it is healthiest to get out jogging, for example.


If this new innovation has no actual effect of reducing air pollution, Aclima hope these precise data can guide more targeted control policies. For in town, pollution accumulates in the street like a thick carpet, close to the ground. Better identify monoxide retentions places can lead to more concrete measures.

“Once polluted areas identified, the possibilities are endless. For example, we know that trees absorb pollution, including nitrogen dioxide. If we know where are the most problematic issues in the city, we will know where to place green spaces. ”