The emergency aboard a ferry on fire in Japan


Fire After a fire that broke out Friday on a ferry off the coast of northern Japan, rescuers were trying to find a missing man.

Rescuers began a search operation Saturday aboard a ferry which had declared the day a fire off northern Japan. One crew member is still missing, according to the Japan Coast Guard.

They continued to fight against the fire on Sunflower Daisetsu which had reached their distress call, while the ferry was Friday at about 50 km from the northern island of Hokkaido. “The fire is still not under control, but the ship is stable and its location is unchanged,” said a spokesman for the coastguard.

“We sent six members of the special unit of search and rescue on the ferry on Saturday morning and began their search of the ship’s officers,” he added.

Ferry 11’401 tons carrying 94 people (71 passengers and 23 crew), said an official of MOL ferry shipowner. Except for the missing crew member raised, all had been safely leave the ferry aboard lifeboats to be transported to other ships.

From Tokyo to Tomakomai

Sinister reasons were still not known. The Japanese Coast Guard reported seeing flames from a truck transported by ferry.

The Coast Guard said they dispatched 15 patrol boats and five aircraft while four other boats sailing in the area had deviated from their route for relief.

The ferry, carrying more than 100 trucks, cars and motorcycles, had left a port northeast of Tokyo early Friday morning to the city of Tomakomai, at a distance of several hundred kilometers.