The Empire State Building lights up for endangered animals


Giant motion picture endangered animals were planned Saturday night on the Empire State Building in New York, a spectacular first to raise public awareness about the risks of their disappearance.

The projection on the south side of the famous skyscraper was 114 meters high and 56 wide, covering 33 floors, and was visible for up to 20 blocks south. The image of Cecil lion, killed by an American dentist in Zimbabwe, there appeared in the midst of many animals including a snow leopard, a golden lion tamarin, a manta (large skate species), birds, marine mammals, insects, and even the shadow of King Kong climbing to the top of the front.

The eight-minute session, with music and lighting effects, was repeated every fifteen minutes from 9:00 p.m. to 0:00 (1:00 to 4:00 GMT Sunday). Forty 20,000 lumen projectors were used for this projection, made from the roof of a nearby building on 31st Street. The project, born four years ago, was the idea of ​​the director and founder of the Oceanic Preservation Society (OPS), Louie Psihoyos, whose film “The Cove” (“The Bay of Shame”), on the annual slaughter of thousands of dolphins in Japan in 2010 had received the Oscar for best documentary.

“He wanted the most iconic building, and for him it was the Empire State Building,” said the producer of “The Cove”, Fisher Stevens, adding that the goal was to raise awareness on these endangered species ” to start a conversation “to avoid” the sixth mass extinction of the earth. ” The Empire State Building, which had already lit the top red in 2011, referring to the massacre denounced by “The Cove”, was easily persuaded by the project.