A Russian attack helicopter, the Mi-28N, crashed Sunday in Ryazan, about 180 km southeast of Moscow. The device, which was conducting an aerial demonstration in front of thousands of spectators, left adrift, killing the pilot crashing to the ground.

The Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement that the second pilot was him “in a satisfactory state”, adding that the accident was apparently due to a hydraulic system failure, indicated by the surviving pilot who managed to eject.

Flights helicopters Mi-28 suspended

In response to this accident, and this potential technical problem, the Russian Air Force decided to suspend all flights of Mi-28, exported to several countries including Iraq.

The black continuous period therefore for devices of the Russian army, involved in at least six accidents in recent weeks. In mid-July a strategic bomber Tupolev Tu-95 had crashed in particular an uninhabited area of ​​the Russian Far East during a training flight, killing two people.