Facebook seeks to strengthen the accounts of its users safety. Already offering many tools for this, the social network has decided to put forward more playful way.Facebook has for some years now a fairly comprehensive package to manage access to their account and the various security settings provided. Everything is grouped in the Security tab of the parameters and allows to establish connection alerts, the code generator (dual authentication), specific passwords for third-party applications, to indicate trusted contacts If a problem occurs, manage the list of browsers and applications with access to your account. Recently, it is also possible to appoint a “legatee contact” in case of death.

But users do not necessarily go to this page, which can seem austere at first. The company therefore decided to implement a tool for “Quick Checkup your security.” This one will be highlighted above your activity feed and allows you to visually find the most important parameters to resolve at best, or to change your current password. What trick users into a little more vigilance in the matter.

The overall deployment is indicated as effective, the team stating that the arrival on mobile will be in a second time. Meanwhile, do not hesitate to take a careful look at your security settings or your privacy options.