Thirty dead in the crash of a military aircraft in Syria


The crash of a Syrian military aircraft, which bombed a town in the northwest of the country left at least 31 dead, including two children, and 60 injured Monday, August 3, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights Man (OSDH).

The crash occurred in an area of central Ariha, a town in the province of Idleb, taken by the rebels on May 28, said the OSDH. Victim of a “technical failure” , the plane crashed near a market, causing a “huge explosion” in the area, according to witnesses cited by the OSDH, which has a network of informants in Syria.

A neighborhood controlled by jihadists

The Syrian military aircraft are the terror of civilians and the main weapon of the regime in the war against the rebels for more than four years. Several were killed by insurgents or accident victims. In January, at least 35 soldiers were killed in the accidental crash of a military aircraft in the province of Idleb.

Since late March, the Syrian regime has lost a series of strategic and symbolic cities in the province, including the eponymous provincial capital, Jisr al-Choughour and Ariha. It is now the jihadists of Al-Nusra Front, branch of Al Qaeda in Syria, and their allies who control virtually all of the province near the borders of Turkey, who supports the rebellion.