A study of glacier melt makes chilling


In recent years, the melting of glaciers has reached historic levels. Global warming is of course pointed but recent studies indicate that melting would continue even if the break of climate warming.

The team responsible for global monitoring of glaciers, based in Zurich has collected field data, used satellite photographs and even compared to older snapshots and results of their study on melting glaciers , published in the scientific back “The Journal of Glaciology” are chilling.


Glaciers will continue to melt inexorably

One of the most surprising and disturbing findings of the study is that the glaciers of the operating mode is not the same. Because of the intense ice melting occurred over the past twenty years, glacier dynamics has been changed so that the glaciers will continue to melt inexorably, even if the climate became again a little colder.

Ice caps are less extensive and thinner, there is more than sufficient support to maintain the cold and world glaciers are doomed to melt at a very steady pace. Also according to Michael Zemp, ” preliminary results recorded for the most recent years (2011-2014, not included in the study) show that the melting of glaciers continues at a very high level The record ice melt Twentieth Century (observed in 1998) was exceeded in 2003, 2006, 2011, 2013 and probably again in 2014 “.