Apple could send voice messages by SMS

If you prefer SMS Voice Messages, Apple could launch a new feature for you. The US group would indeed currently testing iCloud Voicemail . The principle is simple, a voice message can be converted directly into SMS. A possible new that would use Siri, the computer application present in Apple’s phones that understands and executes when a user speaks it. Siri would transform the sentences of the person leaving a voice message to text and then send the SMS to the user.


A novelty that could emerge in 2016 and appeal to young

While the latest version of the mobile operating system from Apple marked the launch of Apple Music , iOS 10 may well be that this novelty in voice mail, notes Business Insider . A novelty that would be expected 2016 if tests with brand employees with apple prove conclusive. This feature might appeal to a wide audience, especially among youth . As noted by Le Figaro , they use very little voice calls. They would also not very inclined to voice messages, preferring to read faster SMS . A new feature that may well enable them not to miss the voice messages of their elders.