Climate change: Obama's Great project


Monday evening, the President announced the US the most ambitious plan ever undertaken in the United States to fight against global warming. “It’s time for us to do things well and to act for our children,” said the president, stressing the urgency of air immediately. We are the first generation to feel the effects of climate change and the last to still be able to do something.

Unprecedented restrictions

If sustainable development has always been a strong element of the program of the American president, his future departure from the Oval Office allows him to embark on more ambitious projects, especially less popular. To address one of the “key challenges” of our time, Barack Obama therefore asked the US power plants to reduce their emissions by 32% of carbon dioxide from 2005 to 2030. This announcement is the measure Project Lighthouse “we limit mercury, sulfur and arsenic, but there is no upper limit on the level of CO2 that industries can release into the air. This must change. ”

The various measures of the plan will operate in conjunction with each state individually, to avoid the political effect sanction. There are a few weeks of large US companies were already committed to reducing their emissions of greenhouse gas. Europe and the NGOs welcome in Europe, the project is very welcome.